Celtic Society of Louisiana

2013 Fluid Druid - Chris LaCaze

Welcome to The Celtic Society of Louisiana.  We are a group of folks, from all walks of life, that get together to share and promote our rich Celtic heritage.  This web site serves not only as our front door for prospective new members but, for members of the society to share information.  Have a look around.  Tell us what you think.  Be sure to check us out on facebook. 

   If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Mission Statement

To promote, organize and support Celtic cultural events,

educate the community on Celtic culture and history,

support various charitable causes and foundations,

 and become a good citizen in the community.

Modern Celtic Nations

Brittany (France), Cornwall (UK), Galicia (Spain), Asturias (Spain),

Ireland, Isle of Mann (UK), Scotland & Wales


To accomplish our mission, the society shall undertake but not be limited to volunteering,

 supporting,sponsoring and fund-raising to help and promote Celtic Culture in Louisiana.

Updated 1/26/2013